Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Have you been feeding my pig and panda bear on my blog?

Nicholas INSISTED on getting these 2 so i took the llamas off for awhile. If you hold your mouse down on the pig and keep clicking, he starts to roll all over in the mud and then if you click the more button, you can wash him off with the water bottle plus you can feed him an apple or two. He gets hungry you know :). The panda bear will eat bamboo lying on his back when you click on him. Not sure what else he does, if anything else.


Suzi said...

Yes, I have been taking care of your animals for you. Of course, I couldn't figure out how to make the pig dirty. Figured there MUST be a way since you could clean him. Cute animals.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherri. I made your pig dirty by clicking on hom lots ans lots of times. Tha panda will just wobble on its bottom when you click on it lots.
PS I miss the LLamas