Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Could it be 2 posts in 1 day?

I had fun stamping at Ellie's house this morning. We played with her cuttlebug machine and I made these 2 new Bella cards at her house. Charlotte is still in a panic just waiting for this ice/snow/sleet to come tomorrow. I would love to see some snow, just a tiny bit then it can melt. I don't want anything to ruin Amy's coming here. I can't wait for her to come for a few days!!

Snow, ice, sleet is coming to the Carolinas tomorrow

or so the weather man says!! People will start to panic later today I am sure. I went to the grocery last night since we'll be gone all weekend and I have to make sure Charlie and the kids have something to eat :).

Amy comes in just 2 days and I just can't wait. Instead of going to Blowing Rock, I cancelled that reservation and made one for Myrtle Beach instead. We're going to stay at the Hampton Inn at Broadway at the Beach. I have never been there. The high for Myrtle Beach on Friday is 62 where in Blowing Rock it was going to be like 15. So that will be much better weather to shop in :). Its not like we'll probably lay on the beach and get a sun tan but we can at least go look at the ocean while we're there. Amy will be leaving -5 degrees in WI so anything is warmer than that! ha ha

This morning I am going to my new friend Ellie's house to stamp. She has the new Cutterbug and Cricut so we are going to try them out. I am packing everything but the kitchen sink to bring with me. You just never know what you'll need so why not bring it all?!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday, January 30th

In case you didn't notice, I changed my photo and this is me with my NEW glasses that I wear now for distance. Yes I have now resorted to wearing glasses, mainly when I drive since I missed the exit the other day and the sign was right there in front of me! ha ha I do see much better with them :). I just have to get used to them now.

Nicholas' school finally called me to volunteer. I am helping twice a week in a kindergarten class for about an hour. Today was my first day and I had forgotten how cute those tiny ones are. When I walked in the classroom, one little boy yelled "Is she going to be our new teacher?" like he was so excited. The little girl I had was so sweet and did everything I told her to do.

Ladybug went to the vet today for blood work. She is going to be tested once again for her allergies and I will start giving her weekly injections. Not looking forward to that but not sure what else we can do to make her stop scratching all the time. That's my update. Time to go pick up Nicholas...

Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday night before bedtime ...

I can't sleep. The secret is out. I had to tell Amy what my plan was. We were going to go to Blowing Rock, which is about an hour & 1/2 away in the mountains. We were going to shop at the outlet mall, hang out, just relax with no kids and no husbands. That WAS, until I saw the weather report. With highs only in the 30's on Friday and 90% chance of snow, I am rethinking the whole "let's go to the mountains and instead let's head for the beach". So now I am thinking North Myrtle Beach. I haven't been there in YEARS and there is LOTS of shopping there so we may head there. Still looking on the internet for a place to stay so we'll see. So now Amy knows but that's ok :). Now maybe I can go to sleep. Will report back tomorrow after I volunteer.

Baby, its cold outside!!

Woke up to 19 degrees this morning with a wind chill of 7. WOW, I am not sure I have been this cold! ha ha I am getting ready for Amy to clean so I need to clean, dust, vacuum the basement for her. Think I will do that today. Tomorrow I will go volunteer at the elementary school. I am going to help in a kindergarten class on Tues & Thurs for about an hour so I am looking forward to that. That's all for today.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Well, I was messing around with my blog and accidentally deleted everyone's comments so if you would like to leave me another comment, that would be great. I had 8 and deleted all of them somehow so now it looks like I have none. ha ha

Thanks !