Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday, January 30th

In case you didn't notice, I changed my photo and this is me with my NEW glasses that I wear now for distance. Yes I have now resorted to wearing glasses, mainly when I drive since I missed the exit the other day and the sign was right there in front of me! ha ha I do see much better with them :). I just have to get used to them now.

Nicholas' school finally called me to volunteer. I am helping twice a week in a kindergarten class for about an hour. Today was my first day and I had forgotten how cute those tiny ones are. When I walked in the classroom, one little boy yelled "Is she going to be our new teacher?" like he was so excited. The little girl I had was so sweet and did everything I told her to do.

Ladybug went to the vet today for blood work. She is going to be tested once again for her allergies and I will start giving her weekly injections. Not looking forward to that but not sure what else we can do to make her stop scratching all the time. That's my update. Time to go pick up Nicholas...


debbado said...

Okay, you answered my first question...what does SAHM stand for. Now what does TAC stand for? I'm so out of touch.

By the way, this is your favorite sister. Notice my blogger name. It has "do" not "poo" at the end. HA!

debbado said...

I just re-read your profile and noticed what TAC stands for. Ignore that question.