Monday, June 30, 2008

Cupcake card using the Stampin Up tab punch

Suzi at the Stamp Shack showed us this cupcake card and I just had to make one for myself. I have that punch and thought why not try it. Now it makes a pretty small cupcake which is why I put it on top of the scallop circles. I used stickles for the frosting and I used my handy dandy candle punch (I love that punch too). I folded the brown paper back & forth several times to make it look crimped (I do not have a crimper) and I think it came out pretty cute. Let me know what you think. And I give all the credit to this other blog.

My mom asked me to make some get well cards and thank you cards

Here are the get well cards I have done so far. I hope she likes them. (Especially the last one! HA) You may have to click on the photos to see them bigger.


Yes there is officially a new driver in the Thacker household! LOL Here it is to prove it :). In the state of NC, she can only have 1 other person in the car and can not be out after 9 pm for the first 6 months. Then, she will go back over Christmas break and get a revised license that says she can be out till 11 pm and have more in the car. Hard to believe Christmas is ONLY 6 months away!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What do I do when its hot outside?

I make Christmas cards. Yes, I do. I made a few more today with my newest Riley the Moose stamps (I love Riley!)

Report cards came today

Both Emily & Nicholas did great on their report cards. Emily got her schedule for 11th grade and she is happy with it (at the moment)

Physical Science
Spanish 1
English 3
Ceramics 1

Algebra 2
Spanish 2
US History

Don't ya just "love" the DMV office?

So yesterday Emily was allowed to go to the DMV to get her drivers license. She has had her drivers permit for exactly one year so she has been counting down the weeks, days, minutes until we went yesterday. We got up bright and early and were there when they opened only to find a note on the door "DMV CLOSED DUE TO COMPUTER PROBLEMS. BACK AT NOON". Now the DMV office is approx 30 miles from our house so we turn around and go back home. I called at noon before going down there and the guy who answered said he was the ONLY one in the office at the moment so he could not take anyone out on the road for their road tests. Come back at 2. We get there at 1:45, the line is almost to the door. We wait and we wait and we wait. At 4:00, we finally get up to the front of the line. We are next in line. The computers break down again!!! They take Emily in, they get all her information, I signed everything since I am the adult with her and she does the road test. The computers are still DOWN so even though she passed the test, she did not physically get a drivers license to take home with her!! We have to go back on Monday and get it issued then, hopefully they will be back online. It was a statewide thing they told us so all of the DMV offices were having problems in NC. We will be gone on Tues for a week in FL. so of course she wants it by then. Why I have no idea, since she won't be driving my van down there anyway. (Emily hates to drive my van!) So that was my day yesterday. Finally got home around 6 and collapsed! LOL

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here's a card or two I made recently

Yes, and one is a Christmas card. Christmas is ONLY 6 months away!!! And I will be ready!!!!

My 10 Wishes Circle Journal

Angie at the Stamp Shack is hosting a circle journal. She is the best hostess so I always join her circle journal swaps!! This one is all about 10 wishes in life. A circle journal is where you add your entry within 3 weeks of receiving your circle journal and then you pass it onto the next person. There are 8 people in this swap so we will not have our completed journal back until the beginning of December. I got my pages finished today although we don't have to mail our first journal out till July 15th. I'm ready to go now :). Tell me what you think.

This is my cover. I leave my cover blank until I get it back finished. Then I will cover it with pretty flip flop paper (is there anything else?) LOL

My next page is my title page. Again, I just left the 2nd page blank. I may just leave that page blank. (My secret sister sent me that flip flop iron on in the corner. It was perfect for this)

The next pages are the sign in page and the instructions. Some people do really cute creative sign in pages but mine is just simple :).

These are my 10 wishes with little stamped images of certain wishes. How did I do?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We spent an hour today at Lazy 5 Ranch

Its a drive through zoo in Mooresville which is about 30 miles from us. We used to go alot when the kids were small and Emily wanted to take Tyler since he had never been. Here are some photos I took from today and will probably put the rest on a slide show later :).

This is for you Emily

Look at the card Debbie (my sister) made Emily. 16 years of photos!! WOW, isn't it just the best?!?!?!? I just love it. Also, check out her beautiful roses she had delivered by Fed X this morning while we were all eating our Chick-Fil-A for breakfast. They are really really pretty!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our "baby" Emily turns 16 tomorrow ....

WOW, where have the years gone? It seems like just yesterday I was going into labor ON MY DUE DATE and I was as big as a house. Oh wait a minute, I was even bigger while I was pregnant with Nicholas but I still felt huge. She came on my due date after being in labor 14 hours or something like that. I remember like it was yesterday. So yesterday started Emily's birthday celebrations!! All she wanted for her birthday was her belly button pierced. Nope, I was not going to give in to that. #2 on her wish list was her nose pierced. Again, no way .. not in my house at this age. Its fine if she wants to do it at age 18, but not at 16. #3 on the wish list was to get the 2nd hole in each ear - this I said ok. So we went to Claire's and got that done. After there, she got her hair highlighted. Then, we went and got her nails done.

Today we went out to dinner at PF Changs. That was real good. Went to the mall to find her a sundress so she could wear tomorrow for her b-day dinner with her friends but had no luck. She is going to Sogo's with 7 or 8 friends tomorrow night.

I am sure I will have some sweet 16 photos to post tomorrow!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My new TAC catalog came today

WOO HOO!!! I had just a quick minute to look it over and I have lots of pages bookmarked so I can go back and decide in a few days do I really "need" that set? It has alot of flourishes and swirlys in it. It still has the retro animals in it which I don't particularly care for. There are quite a few sets in there that were in the supplements so if you missed those, you can order them from this catalog. I am expecting my catalogs sometime next week. I ordered a case of 10 and I have them all sold already. If you need one and need to know where to get one, I can hook ya right up :). Now I am off to look at it one more time to see what I may have missed!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ellie & I took a ride to the stamp store now in Matthews, NC

It is called La Carta Bella and they recently moved to 1122 Industrial Drive, Matthews, NC ... They have new hours Thurs 10-5, Fri 10-5, Sat 11-5. It is in a better location and was easier to find this time around. We both got some Rosie Roadshow stamps, Stickles and I got a new Bella stamp. I came home and made a few cards. Hope you like them.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It seems like I haven't made a card in ages so I sat down and made this today

I will mail it out tomorrow. I'm not telling who its for, you just have to check your mailboxes to see if its you :). I got the ice cream template here and instead of mailing it by itself, I stuck it onto a card. I love that saying I put with it. Its officially summer this weekend so this is to celebrate summer!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WOW, look at our garden

It sure is growing and we have had very little rain. We're still in a drought here which is just amazing when so many other places have way too much rain!!! Woke up to 60 degrees this morning and it just felt wonderful so i got out and did some weeding then took some photos. Looks like our squash will be ready to pick in a few days already. And we went on the trails and found some blackberries ready to pick. I made Charlie do the picking so I didn't get chiggers like I always manage to do when I pick them. LOL

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Its Tuesday already ..

Its been quiet around here. Emily went to Myrtle Beach with one of her best friends for the week so its just the 3 of us hanging out this week. I actually got into her room and started cleaning today and wow, I got alot done. I am still re-organizing her closet. She still has her winter clothes hanging up so I took all those down and put them in drawers so she has alot more room.

Father's Day was quiet. Brian came for dinner and we grilled out t-bones on the grill. They were pretty good. I made brownies with ice cream for dessert.

Tonight is fried shrimp night at our favorite restaurant Mayflower. Its $3.99 every Tuesday. Can't eat that cheap anywhere nowadays!! :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Still making lots of ATC's... these are my latest

Our garden is growing pretty good

We have another month till we start getting fresh tomatoes but I suppose we can wait that long.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do you have a summer reading list?

Some gals at the Stamp Shack have made up a summer reading list. I used to read before kids but since they are teenagers now I thought I am going to do this too. Especially over the summer. Usually the only time I read is when I travel but I just happened to read 2 books in the past 2 weeks so I thought I would do a summer reading list myself.

Book review #1 Sisters by Danielle Steele. I used to love Danielle Steele books when I was a teenager and I really loved this one too. This was about 4 sisters who are very close and they get together every year on the 4th of July. One year they had a horrific accident happen and they all had to pull together. It was great and I read it in just 2 days.

Book review #2 Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber. This is my first book I have read by this author and again, its a very easy read and I read it pretty quick. There is a group of women who are widows and they all meet once a month. One month they each decide to make a list of 20 wishes and they feel more alive than they have in years. It really was a great book!!

My next book's title cracked me up so I got it to be my next summer read. Its called No Girl needs a Husband Seven Days a Week by Nina Foxx. Isn't that the funniest title? LOL I will hopefully start that today and get back to you on how I liked or did not like that book :).

Do you want even MORE photos? LOL

Photo 1 - this is a moose I fell in love with at the Christmas Tree shop but there was no way I was lugging him home on the airplane. LOL I think he would look so cute sitting in my garden making sure the "real deer" didnt' eat my veggies. HA HA
Photo 2 - these smiley face flip flops cracked me up and I thought of you Pam (Smileycollector) because she collects all things that have smiley faces so of course, we had to take a picture of my foot in the shoe!!!

... And a couple more photos

Photo 1 - Me with a cut-out of Tim Holtz. For those of you who don't know Tim Holtz, he has his own line of stamping products and is just awesome!!
Photo 2 - We kept going through tunnels just outside of the Boston airport and I don't remember ever going through tunnels before so Lesa would beep her horn whenever we'd go through one.
Photo 3 - An inside view of the tunnel

More photos from the stamp convention

Photo 1 - Lesa and I have the giggles in this photo. L to R - Lesa, me, Teresa & Joanie.
Photo 2 - Joanie, Lesa, & Patty (Patty is Ellie's sister)
Photo 3 - Joanie, Lesa, & me doing a make & take at their stamp store on Cape Cod