Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our "baby" Emily turns 16 tomorrow ....

WOW, where have the years gone? It seems like just yesterday I was going into labor ON MY DUE DATE and I was as big as a house. Oh wait a minute, I was even bigger while I was pregnant with Nicholas but I still felt huge. She came on my due date after being in labor 14 hours or something like that. I remember like it was yesterday. So yesterday started Emily's birthday celebrations!! All she wanted for her birthday was her belly button pierced. Nope, I was not going to give in to that. #2 on her wish list was her nose pierced. Again, no way .. not in my house at this age. Its fine if she wants to do it at age 18, but not at 16. #3 on the wish list was to get the 2nd hole in each ear - this I said ok. So we went to Claire's and got that done. After there, she got her hair highlighted. Then, we went and got her nails done.

Today we went out to dinner at PF Changs. That was real good. Went to the mall to find her a sundress so she could wear tomorrow for her b-day dinner with her friends but had no luck. She is going to Sogo's with 7 or 8 friends tomorrow night.

I am sure I will have some sweet 16 photos to post tomorrow!!

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Anonymous said...

Where has the time gone? I can't believe it. 16 years. I also can't believe that in 69 days my baby will be 16. I think I'm going to cry. Hope you enjoy this day, too.