Wednesday, June 27, 2007

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Stay off the roads ....

Emily got her drivers permit today!!! We went to a little town called Albemarle (if you were a Kelly Pickler fan from American Idol this is where she was from). Anyway, the DMV wait in Concord is like 4-5 hours so we went to Albemarle where alot of people do go and waited in line for 5 minutes :). She passed it and I let her drive us home. Now the fun begins for mom & dad!! HA HA
Emily also got her schedule for 10th grade:
Weight Training (yes you read that right!)
Comp & Literature
Spanish 1
Civics & Economics
English 2
That 's for the whole year. I think she has the first 4 classes the first semester and the last 4 the 2nd semester. I'm just glad I am not in high school anymore. No thanks!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

This is the new design team for Magnolia

(I got this from Renee's blog

SWEDEN our old DT members
Linda Muhr
Petra Sandberg
Sanna Friedner

Isabell Norris
Anne Jones

Beatrix Schubert-Volk

Sherri Thacker
Renee Zieglmeier

Katarina Damm-Blomberg

Lénaïk Duluc

Nina Grann

Hilde Rosenhagen
Elin Pettersen
Malin T Petterson
Silje Christensen
Inger Marie Lea
Kine Staavet

Inge Groot

I'm still waiting for my first design kit to come. I heard it takes anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks so it may be here by the end of the week. I am anxious to see what's in it :).

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy 15th Birthday Emily - tomorrow!!!

Someone has a birthday on Monday. I can't believe she will be 15. She has drivers ed from 10-12. Then she is going to pick up her new RED glasses at the mall and then wants to go out to dinner to Outback Steakhouse tomorrow night. Like the birthday cake I made her? (I wish I made this cake!!) LOL

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday before Father's Day ....

Well, its the day before Father's Day and we will have a crowd over for the day tomorrow. It has cooled off the past few nights to around 60 degrees so I hope the pool will be warm for the kids to go in tomorrow :).

Emily got back from the beach today. She was gone a whole week and had a good time. It was Senior Week at Myrtle Beach so LOTS of seniors were there UNSUPERVISED .. not sure how I like that. That is the "thing to do around here" after school gets out. Emily is already saying she can't wait to go to Myrtle Beach when she graduates. Oh joy!! We told her we are coming too and she gave us "the look". LOL Monday she starts the driving portion of her drivers ed. She has to drive a total of 6 hours before she can get her drivers permit. So he is taking her at 12:30 for either 2 hours on Monday, 2 hour on Tuesday and not sure about the rest of the week yet. She is anxious to get her permit on her actual birthday which is next Monday June 25th but I don't think she will have her whole 6 hours by then so she may have to wait a few days. The driving instructor said he's going out of town for a few days so of course, she is all mad but what can ya do?! Plus I have to get her transcript from the high school because they won't issue permits or licenses if you have bad grades so that could take a day or two also.

That's all for now ... better get back to my cleaning frenzy! :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Exciting News!!!

I applied for a position on the Design Team of a Swedish company and they make stamps by the brand name Magnolia. I sent in a few samples of cards I had made not knowing if I would hear back but I got the email today saying I was accepted. What does this mean? It means I get free stamps and then I use those and show them off on my blog, other stamping websites ... this is all I know so far. The stamps are on their way to me so I expect to have them in about 2 weeks and I get to play with some new stamps. WOO HOO for me :). I can't wait! In the meantime, these are the cards I made so far with their stamps (thanks Kerry for sending me the images!). I put them above for you to see.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What is it with boys and long hair?

I took Nicholas to get his hair cut today and I WANTED it considerably shorter and this is what we came home with. Oh well. Maybe one day he will get tired of long hair LOL.
Photo #1 After, Photo #2 Before...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Can you say C-H-I-G-G-E-R-S ????

Yes I have them once again!!! Yesterday Charlie, Nicholas and I decided to check in the woods on our blackberries. It was this time last year that we had fresh blackberries around Father's Day. We were out there for maybe 20 minutes, picked about 50 blackberries ... and guess what I got for doing it!! 10 chigger bites (so far). I keep popping up with a new bite every few hours. OUCH!!! I am so itchy. Here are my beautiful blackberries but at this rate, I think I will be BUYING my blackberries this summer at the grocery store!!! No more chiggers for me!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Add yourself to my new slideshow so I can see who comes to visit my blog ...

If you know how to add a photo with your name, that's great too :). Its pretty easy.

School is out for the summer!!

Today was our last day of school. We are out of school until August 27th. Emily will be in 10th grade and Nicholas will be in 6th grade. Emily will still be at the same high school and Nicholas moves on middle school, which is right next door to the elementary school. Nicholas will have an extra hour to sleep in as he won't have to go to school until 8:30 next year so he will like that. Em will still have to go at 7:30 am. 5th grade had their DARE graduation along with their awards ceremony. Nicholas did make A/B honor roll this semester so that was good. All the kids in their class voted which kids would be what and Nicholas got voted as "Class Clown!" Imagine that one!! LOL Oh well, he was glad they voted him that so whatever I say :). Now we have the summer ahead of us and NO MORE HOMEWORK which is my favorite part of summer :).

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My gosh, its June already?

How did the whole month of May slip by me? HA HA Loretta reminded me I haven't posted anything in the month of June so I thought I better get to it. Not much has been going on since our whole "let's save the turkeys" last week. Thank goodness they are all gone. We have only seen one family of lik 9 more babies but they just stuck around for one day then disappeared into the woods again.

I am recovering from my surgery 11 days ago. I had a mole taken off and its healing rather slow so I am trying to take it easy.

My garden is growing pretty good. I have tiny tomatoes now. They are all green. My blackberries might be ready to pick in another couple of weeks. Last year I thought I was picking them around Father's Day and that's coming up in a week.

Last day of school is Friday for the kids. Go back end of August. Emily is going to Myrtle Beach with her best friend Sat-Sat so she will be away. We may plan a trip to FL soon but I want to get all healed up first.

Well, that's about it. See, its not that exciting around here for now anyway :).