Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My gosh, its June already?

How did the whole month of May slip by me? HA HA Loretta reminded me I haven't posted anything in the month of June so I thought I better get to it. Not much has been going on since our whole "let's save the turkeys" last week. Thank goodness they are all gone. We have only seen one family of lik 9 more babies but they just stuck around for one day then disappeared into the woods again.

I am recovering from my surgery 11 days ago. I had a mole taken off and its healing rather slow so I am trying to take it easy.

My garden is growing pretty good. I have tiny tomatoes now. They are all green. My blackberries might be ready to pick in another couple of weeks. Last year I thought I was picking them around Father's Day and that's coming up in a week.

Last day of school is Friday for the kids. Go back end of August. Emily is going to Myrtle Beach with her best friend Sat-Sat so she will be away. We may plan a trip to FL soon but I want to get all healed up first.

Well, that's about it. See, its not that exciting around here for now anyway :).

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Swamp Tulip said...

By gosh it really is June! How lucky that your kids get out of school this week. Our schools go until June 22nd. I hope you are healing quickly :)