Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where has this week gone?

Happy Halloween!! Its 7:07 pm and we're sitting here waiting to see if we get any trick or treaters this year. We usually get about a handful and that is it. So far, none have come by. I have my lit up pumpkin out on the porch and I have all of our lights on so we shall see.

Emily is thinking about applying to several in-state colleges and their deadlines are coming up in 2 weeks. If you apply early, you usually find out by mid to late December if you get in. We go on Monday to Western Carolina for a tour. Its about 3 1/2 hours from here, outside of Asheville so I would imagine it may be a bit cooler there than here. They have about 6,500 kids so its not as big as Appalachian and I don't think they would get as much snow there as App can get in the winters.

Friday I worked the concession stand at Emily's game. We won 33-20 so that was good. It was our last home game and we were non-stop busy at the concession stand. Finally got home around 10:30. I was pooped!

That is my update. I haven't stamped a single thing in days so I need to get busy and finish my Christmas cards. I have come up with something else for Christmas this year. I want to take a painting that Emily did in 2007 and maybe make it into a card and use that this year as our Christmas card so I need to start planning it. Christmas is ONLY 55 days away!! Are you ready!?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Looky what I made. Before and After ... Isn't he cute??????

I used the smaller cans of sprite. They are 8 oz. I'm going back to get more while they are on sale at Food Lion this week. Guess what everyone's getting this year for Christmas!! LOL

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I had to make another card with this free image

Thanks Paula for the "label" I used here. I love this image. You can find it here under "Freebies".

Would you like a FREE breast cancer digital image?????

Its from Whimsie Doodles and you can find it here. Its only FREE from October 21st - October 23rd and then you can purchase it with all proceeds going to breast cancer. Here is my cute card :).

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Emily made it on the homecoming court for her senior year!!

WOO HOO. Everyone is excited!! Ms Emily made it on the senior homecoming court. Each grade will have a representative that wins for that grade. In 12th grade, 2 people will win. One will be the representative for that grade and one will be the Queen. We are going shopping for her dress on Sunday so wish us luck!! The homecoming game is next Friday Oct 23rd so they will be picked during half-time. No dance or anything after so we have the game and then the winners get to ride in the Concord Christmas parade which is November 21st. Last year we froze !!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nicholas' school project - he's in 8th grade ...

The whole class read the book "The Suitcases" and each had to build a suitcase with 10 things in it. He had a list of 20 things to choose from and you had to pick from the list. To go inside, he picked these items (most of them had to do with the characters in the book):1) Birth certificate for a character in the book2) Images of items he would pack if he was 6 yo3) His family tree4) 1936 "Times"5) Acrostic poem about Crossnore6) Mother of the Year letter 7) Poster of the book8) Research paper on Crossnore school how it is today and back in 19369) Crossword puzzle made up using 30 words from the book10) List of items that "Anne" (the main character) had her suitcase. We found this awesome alligator-skin like paper at HL and I knew it would be perfect for the suitcase. The handle Charlie had on a computer laptop box and he used rubberbands and buttons to shut it. I hope he gets an A+. Its due Monday.

Keeping track of your nestabilities

Do you find yourself buying more nesties only to realize you may already have that set? Well, I made this little set up for me and it helps me remember what shapes I do have. I cut out each shape and put them on one of those book rings (you get them at Staples) and then added a few pieces of ribbon to make it pretty. Its small enough to fit in my purse or I usually just keep it in the car. Feel free to copy my idea :).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A fun free digital image

Click here if you want to print this digital image. I made a card yesterday after Hazel left and I really love how it came out. I am still practicing on my coloring with my Copic markers. I'm not thrilled with my pumpkin but I like everything else. LOL

I am meeting Lorraine and Mary at IHOP this morning for Lorraine's birthday which is this weekend. Looking forward to it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What happens when one babysits a 6 month old baby?

My crafting time has taken a back seat !!! HA I have had Hazel for 4 days now. Her babysitter has the swine flu so I am filling in. She has been doing really good with me but she sure takes up alot of my time. I got some new stamps today from MFT Stamps and they were totally FREE. How you might ask? I submitted 2 cards using their stamps to 2 different magazines and was published twice so I got free stamps. Here they are. I hope to find some time to play with them soon :). You can find these sets and alot of other cute stamps at their website here .

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Did you know Christmas is ONLY 82 days away?

I have a Christmas Countdown on my Facebook home page so I don't have to keep looking it up. HA

Anyway, I came across this really cute gift card holder at Splitcoast and I made one too.

Thank you to my blog banner fairy!!

I love love love my new blog banner. Its great for October!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October 1st!!

Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month too so ladies, GET THOSE MAMMOGRAMS!!! I got mine in September and all is great. I bought a new breast cancer stamp set from Flourishes so I want to get a few cute cards made and will post them once I have them done. How do you like my new background? I need to work on a cute banner or maybe my banner "fairy" will do me one like she did last year. HA HA