Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where has this week gone?

Happy Halloween!! Its 7:07 pm and we're sitting here waiting to see if we get any trick or treaters this year. We usually get about a handful and that is it. So far, none have come by. I have my lit up pumpkin out on the porch and I have all of our lights on so we shall see.

Emily is thinking about applying to several in-state colleges and their deadlines are coming up in 2 weeks. If you apply early, you usually find out by mid to late December if you get in. We go on Monday to Western Carolina for a tour. Its about 3 1/2 hours from here, outside of Asheville so I would imagine it may be a bit cooler there than here. They have about 6,500 kids so its not as big as Appalachian and I don't think they would get as much snow there as App can get in the winters.

Friday I worked the concession stand at Emily's game. We won 33-20 so that was good. It was our last home game and we were non-stop busy at the concession stand. Finally got home around 10:30. I was pooped!

That is my update. I haven't stamped a single thing in days so I need to get busy and finish my Christmas cards. I have come up with something else for Christmas this year. I want to take a painting that Emily did in 2007 and maybe make it into a card and use that this year as our Christmas card so I need to start planning it. Christmas is ONLY 55 days away!! Are you ready!?

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