Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I came across this website for American Idol and you can download your own bobble head

on your blog. If you click on Blake's head, it will bobble back and forth :). I want Blake to win!!!


BarbK said...

I'm just not into AI this season, don't really know why. So, if you want Blake to win, so do I.

Sharon said...

The bobble head guys are cute. I like Blake too. I am in FLorida right now. We go home tomorrow. The weather has been great mostly but of course they haven't had rain in months but as soon as we get here they get some. Hasn't stopped us tho. I was just finally able to find your blog to show my mom. Forgot to bookmark it on my yahoo page and I couldn't remember your blog title. I'll email you when I get home. Been on the run too much to be doing anything other than quickly checking my email.