Saturday, July 17, 2010

We had a full day yesterday!!

First,we started off the morning by having to take my van to the Toyota dealership to get my brakes looked at. They were making a horrible noise so I had a feeling I needed new rear brakes. Sure enough, i did so we left the car there for that and an oil change. Our first stop was Stampers Alley in Mooresville. We had the whole store to ourselves and everyone shopped like crazy!! We then met up for lunch at Red Robin. Then onward to Enchanted Cottage in Lewisville. We all did not buy as much as we did at Stampers Alley but still managed to spend more $$. (LOL) It was time to eat again so we ate at Texas Roadhouse. Got home around 9 pm. Here's a photo of all of us at Stampers Alley... We will be headed out to the stamp convention in Winston-Salem at 8:30 for another fun-filled day!!
From left to right: Angie, Joanie, Me, Ellie, Mary, Patty, Chelsea, Lesa, Michelle

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Lesa said...

I am tired from all the FUN!!!!! Bring it on! :) WooHoo!!