Monday, September 10, 2007

Back from Scrapfest and I think I need another "vacation" from my vacation. HA HA

All those late nights are catching up to me. When I left Minneapolis this morning, it was around 48 degrees. Landing in Charlotte, it was 98 degrees. I want cooler weather here!!! Is that too much to ask!?!? When is summer going to be over for us? We got absolutely no rain from that tropical storm that skirted by the outer banks yesterday so no cooler temps here. It will be here before too long right?

So we had the best time this weekend!! I met up with 15 other Shackie's from all over the US and Canada. Ellie came from Charlotte, Patty came from CT, Joanie and Lesa came from Cape Cod, Traci came from Ohio, Joanne came from TN, Barb came from Canada, Angie and her cute mom came from Utah, Tonii came from California, Chelsea came from Illinois, Chris, Robin and her sister came from Michigan, Cindy and her cute friend Tracy came from Iowa, Lidia came from right next door (she lives there!), and Renee came from Minnesota too. We stayed up each night stamping till about 1 am. The last night Barb and I BOTH got the giggles and could not stop. I don't even know what we were laughing at now. It was alot of fun and now its back to reality.

Came home to find out Emily has been elected to be on the homecoming court for 10th grade. She and 3 other girls made the final cut so we will have to go out and find her a cute dress - the homecoming game is this Friday and the announcement will be made then if she wins for 10th grade. No homecoming dance here at this school.

Update on Robin - she is resting peacefully at home. The doctors think she may develop a blood clot in her leg where she broke it so if she does, she will go peacefully. There is no pain with that. She is alert when she is awake but is sleeping the majority of the time. I hope to get over tomorrow or the next day. Please say a prayer for her that she is not in too much pain any longer.

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Lesa said...

This just sucks Sherri. Poor Robin. I hope you can get over there for a final hug and I hope she is comfortable. No more pain. Ugly. Awful. Torturous. Sending silent prayers for peace. Long tight hug to you both.