Thursday, August 2, 2007

Some of you have asked how Robin is doing ...

I talked to her yesterday and she was having a not so great day. Felt blaah all day, was having a hard time breathing ... in alot of pain. She asked the Hospice nurse what more she can give her for pain and she said morphine and she does not want morphine unless its the last resort. She just keeps fighting and fighting!! She gave Jeff the ring and he acts like he doesn't want it - doesn't want that to be the last gift from her so she may take the ring back. I am trying to convince her to keep it so he can pull it out later if he wants but she won't listen to anyone so I will just do what i can do :). They are planning one more family trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. She let their 10 yo sold pick where he wanted to go and told him he could bring a friend and he said "Mom, I don't want to bring a friend. I want to spend this time with you". Isnt' that sweet? Sorry if it made you cry. It almost makes me cry just to type it out.

We leave for Orlando on Sunday for 4 fun filled days! I just hope and pray a cold front will come through FL while we are there. HA HA


Lesa said...


I am so sorry to hear Robin is feeling so much pain. And knowing there isn't much else to help has got to be so defeating. I cannot imagine where her head is at. Her son sounds like a real sweetheart so she must be a great mother. I hope she can enjoy her vacation in TN and finds some relief from pain. My heart goes out to her. It is good you are there for her. CANCER SUCKS.

On a brighter note: I hope you have a fun fun time in FL. Cold front?? LOL right!

Hugs out to you & Robin.

Erin said...

I say get the ring ingraved, with something thoutful then give it to YOU. Then later you give it back to him and it has a message from her.

I love you and therefore Robin so much.