Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm seeing cupcakes ... LOTS and LOTS of cupcakes ...

My new stamps came today from: Its a brand new stamp company from Canada and these stamps come unmounted by the sheet or individual. I just love them!! Shipping is very reasonable and they came within about a week. I had to make some cards to show them off :).


Suzi said...

These are so cute!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the polka dotted cupcake. How cute is that??

Lesa said...

Yummy cards Sherri! My fave is the polka dotted also but they are all super yummy & cute.

2 Worlds said...

whats your email?
I live in NJ, I discovered magnolia recently, I would like to make a question, do they have other email,
other than the info because I order from them, but in this email they dont answer me.
Thanks my email is