Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ladybug's eye has greatly improved ...

she doesn't look quite as pitiful now so the meds must be working ... I am supposed to take her back to the vet on Tues for a re-check so we'll see what they say then.

Emily's open house was today. Got her schedule. She has these 4 classes:
1st period Art 2
2nd period Comp & Literature
3rd period Biology
4th period Geometry

Her least favorite being Biology when the teacher said they would be dissecting BIG frogs at the end of the semester. Emily got this look on her face "not me" and the teacher reassured her that they will break into groups and one can do the reading the instructions while the other does the "cutting". Oh I remember I had to dissect a frog and a baby shark "back in the day" and I did not like it one bit!!!

School tomorrow - WOO HOO!!!!

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