Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just got back from the vet ... once again they are trying to be patient with me

as I am learning how to inject this LONG needle for her allergies. I don't want to learn this!! On our way out, these 2 ROTTWEILERS tried attacking poor Ladybug. The girl had them on a tight leash thank god because they could've eaten her right up. The girl said "My dogs aren't mean" and she didn't even get that out of her mouth and they started growling, showing their teeth ... scared me to death! I hurried and got Ladybug into the van and we just made it!! Whew!! What a way to start a Tuesday morning!!

Then i went to the school and volunteered for an hour. I have started going in on Tues & Thurs to help in a kindergarten class. I forget how cute this age is!! They just come running up to me each week "Hi Mrs Thacker" and are just the cutest! I am helping a few learn their alphabet sounds so I hope to see some great progress pretty soon. The teacher is real nice too.

Had to buy Nicholas new shoes yesterday. Size 7 1/2. WHAT THE ????? I swear he was just in a size 5 last week! How can that be? LOL

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Suzi said...

Eventually, are you going to be able to give her the shots at home? It would be a big bummer to have to drive to the vets 2x per week. Kindergarteners are fun! And (usually) so sweet. Very slow getting thru the lunch line but sweet none-the-less!