Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How do you like my clock I added?

To add one to yours, just go to: They have tons of cute clocks to choose from. Its SUPER easy too!!

The latest on the alpaca situation is .... NOTHING!! We have decided right now not to do anything. Still looking at maybe some llamas - they are much cheaper but we'll see on that too.

Emily came home from soccer tonite sick. She feels like she has a fever and is complaining of a stomach ache so let's hope she isn't getting too sick :(. She is supposed to go skiing this weekend with her friend Elizabeth's church youth group. She does not need to get sick!


Suzi said...

Love the clock!! Of course, I had to add one to my blog too. Y'all can't have funner blogs than mine!! Of course, the first one I picked (the planet one) was too busy & you really couldn't tell what time it was.

shuggy said...

i wanna clock, puhleease???