Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Snow, ice, sleet is coming to the Carolinas tomorrow

or so the weather man says!! People will start to panic later today I am sure. I went to the grocery last night since we'll be gone all weekend and I have to make sure Charlie and the kids have something to eat :).

Amy comes in just 2 days and I just can't wait. Instead of going to Blowing Rock, I cancelled that reservation and made one for Myrtle Beach instead. We're going to stay at the Hampton Inn at Broadway at the Beach. I have never been there. The high for Myrtle Beach on Friday is 62 where in Blowing Rock it was going to be like 15. So that will be much better weather to shop in :). Its not like we'll probably lay on the beach and get a sun tan but we can at least go look at the ocean while we're there. Amy will be leaving -5 degrees in WI so anything is warmer than that! ha ha

This morning I am going to my new friend Ellie's house to stamp. She has the new Cutterbug and Cricut so we are going to try them out. I am packing everything but the kitchen sink to bring with me. You just never know what you'll need so why not bring it all?!


Suzi said...

Have fun today!! Enjoy the warmer weather this weekend :) It's 16 here right now. BRRRRRR I still need a snow day!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait...only 2 more days!

K Hutchinson said...

Have fun with Ellie! I wish I could have a fun day playing with new toys!


Kelly said...

Have a great time Sherri! :)
Im jealous that you get to go
Last year at this time I was saying I was going to rent a cabin in the mountains and get snowed in! Havent done it!