Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Day One - Simply Watercolor Class with Kristina Werner, Card #3

For card 3, we drew circles (or hearts) and played with our watercolor paints to see how they moved around on the paper.  Again, no stamps. Just watercolor paints, a pencil to draw the circles and a Sharpie marker was used.

Here are my 2 cards I made:

I drew these hearts free hand
and they're kind of "jagged"
but I think I kind of like them
like this. LOL
I colored in the black with
Sharpie marker and wrote
Love You with a white gel pen

For the circles, I traced lids from my
kitchen. I used different colors to see
how they would blend into each
other. I used a Sharpie marker
to write Hello


Marie Halstead said...

I love how the circles came out! The big one in the middle reminds me of a bubble. :)

Diana Delgado said...

I like your idea of doing hearts. Great cards!