Monday, January 21, 2013

While watching some you tube videos today,

I got this idea to start using up what I already have in my stamp room!!  Imagine that!!  LOL

I have these liquid pearls that I love but never know what to do with them.  So I came across this video and I love this Flick to Flatten technique. Whenever I would put liquid pearls on cards, they always have that pointy look so I don't use them. Now if I just flick it on the back, they flatten right down. The only colors I have is white opal, keylime and Hydrangea so I may have to buy some new colors :).

So the 3 little dots down on the bottom are just squirts of Liquid Pearls. I need to work on getting them in a straight line though (shhhh don't tell anyone!). I can't remember where this digital image came from. He's cute though isn't he?

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Jackie said...

Cute card! I don't use them much, either but the new formula (which is what those are) seems to flatter out a lot better by itself. Getting them straight is not easy!