Thursday, October 4, 2012

A fun time was had by all in Utah!!

7 of us got together in Salt Lake City, UT for a fun weekend of stamping, painting on canvas, eating, laughing and did I mention more laughing???? It was so fun and I can't wait to do it again next year!! Here are some pics I took.

The mountains in Utah were beautiful. Leaves were changing and they were all colors, reds, oranges, greens.  The weather was wonderful although I was secretly hoping to see some snow. It was in the high 70's to low 80's the whole time we were there so I was able to wear shorts. We got alot stamped and painted. Angie showed us how to paint on canvas and we all painted owls and Joanie painted a bird on hers. They all came out so cute.

This is the one I made and at first I did not like my tree but after a few days, its grown on me! LOL

Mustaches were quite the topic this trip. I had mentioned that I never liked the mustache "craze". They are EVERYWHERE. Well, I found some mustache brads and "specs" at the stamp store and had to get them. Then before too long, I was adding them to everything. It was hilarious. I even made an owl painting with a mustache but never glued it on.... What do you think? lol

So I'm back home, packing to move and not sure when I will be on here again.. Hopefully it won't be too long!!


Thanh Vo said...

What a fabulous and fun weekend you ladies had! Always do!! :)

Sorry I haven't really had a chance to thank you for my birthday card, yet, Sherrie. It was very thoughtful of you to still be thinking of me. I had such a busy summer that it all went by so quickly. Hugs.

angie/shuggy said...

so glad you came, sis!! next year is a must!!