Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bakers Twine

Have you noticed alot of cards have bakers twine on them? I love the stuff but only have a limited supply that I bought of Martha Stewart around the holidays. It was on clearance and I used some on this card for Lesa. She sold her house after being on the market for awhile. I am so happy for her!!!!

Stamps by: A Muse Studios

Paper by: A Muse Studios

Bakers Twine by: Martha Stewart


Jackie said...

Cute card! You do know that you can get more at www.thetwinery.com right? They have some really pretty colors.

Maybe your house will be the next one sold!

Unknown said...

I love this card! Thank you Sherri! Now your house needs to sell ASAP!!! I repeat ASAP!!!

shuggy said...

what a great card!