Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weight Watchers online

Have you seen where Weight Watchers has a brand new point system? Its called Points Plus and they count your fat, carbs, protein and fiber. The more carbs you have, the higher the points. I am allowed 29 points per day. On the old WW point system, I was allowed 21 or 23, I can't remember. All I know is 29 points a day is PLENTY!! Some days I find I'm barely eating ALL my points!! I started this diet Dec 12th and I'm down 9 lbs as of today. I've been playing Wii tennis and walking outside for about 40 minutes everyday. Today I decided to walk 60 minutes and I think I did about 3 miles. Its not super fast but we have hills back where we live so its all I can do to get up these hills! HA I'm thrilled with my progress so far and I just need to keep it going. I want to be down 30 lbs by April 1st!!!! Then I will re-evaluate when I get down that much to see if i need to lose anymore :). Wish me luck!!

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