Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Less than a week to go till Emily goes away to college

As you can imagine, we are busy, busy, busy. Packing, cleaning out, buying even more stuff for her dorm. She is also taking with a loft bed which is the top part of a bunk bed. We thought she was taking Nicholas' old bed but it was too low to fit her desk underneath so we bought another whole new loft bed at Walmart. It was only $107 so that's a pretty good deal. The stairs climbing up to the top are really hard so Charlie decided he would BUILD some steps out of wood!! He is actually building 2 sets of stairs. One for Emily and one for her roommate. He spent most of the day today doing that and now he will paint them black tomorrow to match the bed. I think we will start packing Sunday and then head out bright and early on Monday morning around 6 am. How we are all going to get out of here that early is beyond me but I want to be there around 8-8:30 so Emily can pick up her key and then we can get everything moved in before it gets too hot.

I have gotten a few more washer necklace orders. I made a few US Marine Mom necklaces and a US Marine necklace. They are drying now so I will take pics before I send them on their way to FL and Washington state.

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