Monday, July 5, 2010

My stamp room ...

A few of you at the Stamp Shack want to see my stamp room so I took some photos while its clean. Wanna see???

My stamp room is really small. I would love a big stamp room one day :). I still have my birthday cards up. I guess I need to take those down since my birthday was in May! LOL

I love my punch storage. I got it at IKEA. The drawings on the wall Emily and Nicholas both drew them when they were just 4-5 years old.

In these photos I have some things that my friends have given me. Nancy gave me the 2 amish girls. Chris gave me the moose. Kim gave me the little girl that she baked in the oven. Erin made me the other little girl with braids. Chelsea & Kim gave me that sock moose. Emily drew that flip flop portrait and its my favorite of all of her drawings. That box on that stand is where I do my airbrushing with my Copic markers.

The photos here are hanging from the ceiling. I got this thing at IKEA for around $5 and i love it. I have my favorite photos I've taken lately.


Cindi said...

your room looks great!! love that punch storage. I think you really should have smacked that guy today..your room looks very nice

Chelsea said...

I love your room and little nook!

I even see one of my cards on your wall :)

Where is the Whoopi photo??? I miss that!

CharityHand said...

Sherri, your stamp room is AWESOME!! It's the perfect size too. Looks like everything is in reach. That desk is so neat. I love how you have the glass top and the lower shelf so things that are out of the way are still in view!

Lesa said...

Cool!! Can't wait to see it IRL!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!
I love all the light and the high ceilings.
My room is big, but dark, low ceilings.....I call it the dungeon!
I think I'd trade! LOL
I, too, will see it in person in just one week!!!!