Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everyone went home and I miss them already!!!

We had so much fun and I hated to see it end!!!

We had so much fun laughing, eating, stamping ... Lesa taught us how to make the washer necklaces with alcohol inks so guess what everyone I know will be getting for Christmas this year?

The lighting in our dining room was not the best so Charlie brought out a few extra lights we had. One had a magnifying glass on it and Joanie said "Gosh where did you get this?" The next thing we knew Charlie went to Harbor Freight and got 10 lights! Before he bought them, he told them he worked at a nursing home and alot of the residence needed them. He asked if there was any way they could each be 20% off since he had only 1 coupon and they said sure. So each one came to $17 and they were more than thrilled with that price!!!

Another funny story is ... whenever I say "Charlie", certain people think I am saying "Troy". I said "who is Troy?" They thought his name was Troy so they started calling him Troy for fun. Lesa thought his name was George. I said "Who's George?" She thought that was HIS name so then he became George. A little while later, we all were calling him Charlie, Troy, George and he was being a great sport about it. LOL

We all picked tomatoes in the garden. Angie LOVED tomato sandwiches for lunch. I took them for a ride in the golf cart to see "Humphrey the Camel" and all the goats, donkeys, horses, pigs, gazelle... down the street.

Charlie's mom announced yesterday she is coming Monday - Friday for her semi-annual week long visit so I'll be "recovered" by then. HA Guess we will have everyone over Monday for her 87th birthday.


Mary said...

Charlie is a good sport and we all had a great time. Thanks so much

Lesa said...

George fit right in with us all! lol. I used my light tonight. It was a wonderful time with friends that I will hold in my heart. Hope you are rested by Friday! Miss you. xoxo

Lesa said...

I used my light tonight George - TY!! lol. He will always be George to me. hehehe. (Sorry Charlie.) Wonderful memories. Hope you are rested by Friday. xoxo Oh yeah - I like your new header picture. Very Summery.

Anonymous said...

Is that sunflower in front of your house? It is so beautiful. I'm going to plant some now. I have been saying it for years, but now I am really going to do it. SCS(not2shabbydesigns)

shuggy said...

i miss you all too!!! tell troy hi!

Sharon said...

I was wondering who "George" was when i saw it on your facebook LOL. Washer necklace???? Let's see a picture. Sounds interesting. I'm glad you all had fun, sound like everyone kept busy.