Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seniors in high school sure are expensive now-a-days!!!

I wish I had kept track of everything we've spent on Emily's senior year. But then again, maybe I am glad I didn't! LOL It has been a very expensive year. First, it starts off with senior pictures. Those were taken the summer AFTER her junior year. In fact, I think Emily had hers the week of her birthday last summer so that means its a whole year BEFORE they actually graduate. I really don't like this at all and even though her photos were wonderful, she looks more mature than she did when they were taken (and she has matured alot in this last year!). It was also at that time that we ordered the graduation announcements, thank yous, cards, cap and gown, etc. Next, we had homecoming in November. She was on the homecoming court again so we had to buy another dress (she could not be seen in a dress she has worn in previous years. No way, no how!). After that, we had the Senior Project she had to work on for the first semester. This WAS a NC must-do item to graduate and this cost was supposed to be minimum but when I added everything up, it came to close to $100 (she had to buy a new outfit to wear for her presentation) plus all the supplies, gas and time we spent going back and forth many hours to the mentor's place. Of course, AFTER she completed hers, the state has decided to drop the senior project for 2 years due to the budget. This brings us to the beginning of the year.... Prom was late April. Again, new dress, new shoes (prom dresses are not cheap and we could not find one under $300!!!!), limo ride to the prom, hair done, nails done, corsage, prom photos and the prom ticket itself was $50 per student. Next, we have college so I guess I can say the expenses are JUST STARTING, huh? :)

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