Saturday, May 22, 2010

Orientation at UNCP

We had orientation this morning at 8 am at UNCP so Emily and I stayed at the hotel across the street last night so we didn't have to leave at 5 am. There were 200 other kids at the orientation this morning so it was "a little hectic". As soon as we got there, she checked in and she went one way and I went another. The parents all went to the auditorium and listened to different speakers for about 3 hours. They told us all about housing, loans, grants, rules, all about the campus, etc.

After the parents were done, we were to find our kids and then eat lunch. They had a great buffet of chicken tenders, rice and gravy, baked ziti, green beans, salad, rolls, cheesecake and brownies for dessert. Well, I waited and I waited and I waited for Ms Emily to come out. 2 hours later, she FINALLY comes out from picking her classes and she was literally one of the last few students to get done. I'm still not sure what took her so long. She did meet a girl who lives about 45 min away and they signed up for some of the same classes. We had about 10 minutes to eat our lunch before they put the food away and then we had to rush to get her photo id card. Got all that done (dessert was all gone by the time we got there and we got the last of the baked ziti. I literally ate two noodles). lol

Here is her schedule:

Mon, Wed, Fri 8-8:50 Sociology
Mon, Wed, Fri 11:30-12:20 English 1050
Mon 4:30 - 5:20 water aerobics
Tues, Thurs 9:30-10:20 Freshman Seminar (MANDITORY FOR ALL FRESHMEN)
Tues, Thurs Introd to Psychology
Tues, Thurs 3:30 - 4:45 World Geography (mostly online but an occassional class)
Fri 12:30-1:20 Fitness Walk

6,000 kids go here (one of the smallest public colleges in the state) but ONLY 1,700 live on campus. I was shocked to hear ONLY 1,700 kids lived there. I thought it was alot more than that.

Move-in is Monday August 16th at 8 am (I wonder if we need a uhaul) and her first day of classes is Wed August 18th.


Lesa said...

Very exciting!!! But sorry about the 2 noodles. xoxo

Chelsea said...

Glad you found Emily!!! Sorry you didn't get more food!

deb said...

water aerobics???