Monday, April 26, 2010

We all survived the prom and lived to tell about it ...

I think all the kids had a wonderful time and we had the prom this year at the Speedway Club at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord. 175 seniors came with dates and I think we had a grand total of about 212 kids. I started off the morning by helping to decorate. It was on the 5th floor at the Speedway Club so we decorated the entrance going in and then the whole 5th floor. The theme was Diamonds are Forever and everyone did an AMAZING job decorating!!! After doing that for several hours, then I met up with Emily to get her hair done. It took Amanda an hour and 1/2 to do her hair and it came out beautiful!! I then had to head to one of her friend's houses for pictures. They had a beautiful backyard with a pool and a waterfall. Notice I don't have a single picture in front of the waterfall because we had 20 kids there to take photos of and it was impossible to fit that many in front of that waterfall. After there, we all drove to the Boys & Girls Club where they waited for the limo to arrive. It started to rain just before the limo pulled up so then I wasn't able to get a photo of all of them outside of the limo but I did take 2 inside the limo. These are some of my fave pics I took. They all went to Bravo to eat dinner while I went back home, ate a Lean Cuisine and then back I went to the Speedway Club where I was one of the 20 chaperones. We each had a 2 hour shift and I was supposed to leave at 9:30 but stayed till 10:30 as they hadn't announced the Prom Queen and King yet and Emily was one of the 4 the kids and teachers voted on. Unfortunately she did not win but Emily was happy that Sheree won. I finally collapsed around 12:30 after telling Charlie everything that happened. It was sure a fun night and I got some great pics to share.. I hope you enjoyed the slide show :).

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