Friday, March 5, 2010

Some of you have been asking about the squirrels ...

These squirrels are WILD SQUIRRELS but they seem very tame. Nancy in the one photo with the squirrel on her shoulder lives at the beginning of our street in Hobe Sound (house still has not sold :( ) and her and her husband come down to the end of the street where we are and feed the squirrels every night. They have them all named and can tell "Peaches" from "Taffy" and "Taffy" from "Cupcake". I can't tell the difference and I don't think Traci could either but Rick and Nancy can tell. They feed them peanuts and hazelnuts and they will climb up your leg if you happen to have jeans on. They did that to me and I didn't even have any nuts in my hand. So that is the story on the squirrels.

I am slowly getting better. I ran a 102 fever yesterday for most of the day. I had my first stamp club meeting yesterday but I had to tell the girls I couldn't make it since I felt so bad. I'm sure they do not want me getting them sick.

Tomorrow we have Emily's tour at UNCP and I am going no matter what!!!! Its at 11 am so we don't have to leave really early. Its an hour long tour so it won't last too long even if I don't feel so great. I am anxious to see where it is since we haven't been there yet. It was voted one of the best in the southeast so that's exciting!!!

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