Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Explosion Box ...

I have been wanting to try one of these for quite awhile but didn't think I could do it. I found one on You tube, made it but it wasn't what I wanted. I found the one that Ellie had made me last year and decided to copy hers. It was super easy and I wrote down the directions (since I have no idea how to do a video tutorial) and will share them here:

First, you need 3 sheets of 2-sided 12x12 patterned paper that all coordinate with each other. These are by Little Yellow Bicycle. You will also need 1 12x12 sheet for the lid (which I totally forgot about the lid when I bought these sheets).

Before cutting your paper, decide which paper you want layered where. For the bottom sheet, you will leave that at 12 x12 and you will score at 4" on all 4 sides. You will cut on the score lines on the top right, bottom right, bottom left, top left (every other outside square - see photo above). Next, cut the 2nd sheet 11 1/2" x 11 1/2" and score at 4" on all 4 sides. Cut out each corner square after scoring (see below). For the 3rd sheet which will be your top layer, cut that to 11"x11" and score at 4" on all 4 sides. Again, cut out each corner square (see below). EDIT - A big thank you to Mary H who told me to score at 4" on all 4 sides. That works MUCH easier than the way I was doing it and it all folds perfectly!! I was trying to line up all the score lines on each page and you want to fold each one. THANKS MARY!!!!!

Round all corners and glue just the middle part to each other. To make your lid, cut a piece of paper 7 1/8" x 7 1/8", score at 1 1/2" on all 4 sides. Cut every other corner (see below). Add red line tape to each flap and tuck inside of lid. I tried using just my tape runner but found that it wasn't strong enough so you need something strong like the red line tape.

I hope this helped those of you who want to try to make an explosion box. It was very easy and it went together pretty quick. Of course, I haven't filled it with photos yet so that will take some time. I am making this for someone and they read this blog so I will have to show you the completed box after I give it to them (in a few months).

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