Thursday, January 28, 2010

Copic markers with an air compressor

I got a new toy today, thanks to Cindy in Iowa. She just got the Copic marker airbrush kit along with a new air compressor so I wanted to try it too. Charlie and I went to Harbor Freight with a coupon and came out with one in hand. I made this card today and I wanted to show this to Jackie so I hope she sees it. I was trying to tell her how I had learned to cut a nestie like this and I had a hard time telling her so here are photos that will hopefully explain it to her.
First, I put the Labels 3 Nestie up against the image. As you can see, I want her head above the shape of the nestie so I moved it up on the top and then I marked with a pencil (so I can erase it later) where I wanted it to cut with the scissors. I cut with my scissors on each side of her head to the point where I want the nestie to go up to. Then I tuck the image underneath the nestie where I cut it. Then you cut your image out using your Cuttlebug or whatever diecut machine you have and make sure you turn the cut side the right way. If you don't, it will cut off her head. LOL I then colored the image and then decided I needed to add a little more background "spray" using my Copic marker airbrush system. So if you look carefully, you can see it a little darker where I sprayed it before finishing the card. I need to practice alot more using my copics and the airbrush kit but I really do like the end result!!!
Stamp by Sugar Nellie (I actually won this stamp from the Stamp Shack. I participated in a New Years card contest and only 3 of us did the challenge so we each won something! I love it. Thanks Joan!)


Jackie said...

I think it looks wonderful! Thanks for the tutorial on the Nestie thing, too, now I get it. You are going to love that airbrush. It takes a little practice and I haven't mastered it yet by any means, but it sure is fun trying.

Chelsea said...

love it .... thanks for showing us how to get those parts out of the nestie ... I never knew that!!!

shadoob said...

well done, ma'am!