Monday, November 2, 2009

We spent half the day at Western Carolina today

and I am beat!! We left at 7 am, got there at 10:30. Had a tour with 25 others at 11 and the tour lasted till 1:30. We walked around the campus, looked inside a dorm, checked out the dining halls, talked about clubs, and so on. The leaves were absolutelybeautiful right now. It is about 45 min past Asheville and sits down in a valley so they "claim" they don't get much snow. We both liked it alot. The classrooms seem small for the most part, 25 kids per class and there are only 3 lecture classes on the whole campus. Emily wants to major in elementary teaching and if she goes there, she would be a student teacher as early as her sophomore year thru graduation. It seems very laid back and freshmen are allowed to bring their cars for $50 a semester. Early admission is coming up so now she will have to decide if she wants to apply .... will keep ya posted!!!

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