Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I know its early but I put Christmas music on my blog

My friend Heather from the Stamp Shack said she has been listening to Christmas music already so after looking on the internet for what seemed like HOURS this morning, I FINALLY found a website that I can easily add Christmas music to my blog. The website is called LaLa so if you want or need Christmas music on your blog this is where you can find it. I added some of my favorites. Just click on each one or click on "play all" if you plan to listen to it all day. LOL

PS Only 44 days till Christmas!! I might just put up my Christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving. How about you?


shuggy said...

i know i can count on you to remind me about how late i'll be doing christmas things!! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Sherri, i too have been thinking about xmas, but i wont be doing the tree for a long time yet! I do have all but 2 gifts sent off and have 2 on order, hopefully coming this week. I will then wrap everything else for the family and get my cards written.Lewis has his b/day in Dec so ive got his gift to wrap first.Thankfully no snow yet Oh I have moved blogs, from now on iw will bw www.rowenberrystitches.blogspot.com