Thursday, November 5, 2009

Have you seen the brand new Cuttlebug folder called "Season's Greetings?"

I got it today at Stampers Alley in Mooresville. I also had to have this brand new Stamp of the Month Santa by Great Impressions (one can NEVER have too many Santa's right?). I used some glossy accents for his eyeglasses and gave him rosy cheeks and glitter on his hat. For the cuttlebug folder background, I used different colors of chalk and then sprayed it with hairspray to keep it from smearing. So far, so good!!

While I was at Stampers Alley this morning, a girl was in there and she said "Hey I know you. I read your blog". I thought wow how neat is that!! She was with a group of girls in the stamping area and they were making these cute boxes with cute tops on them. One of them asked Brenda if she knew anyone else who would want to join "their group". Well, my ears perked right up and I said "What kind of group? I might want to join". They have been meeting the first Thursday of each month for 10 YEARS. They come from all over and they stamp and laugh and have a good old time. Each girl takes two months and then demos something fun to the rest of the group. So I plan on starting in January (they don't meet in December with the holidays coming up) so I look forward to that. A big shout out to: Patty, Caroline, Glenda, Leslie and Christy!! (Hey do you wonder how I remembered all their names?) Shhh! I wrote down their names on Stampers Alley card so I wouldn't forget. Sneaky huh?

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Lesley said...

It was great meeting you today and we are so excited that you are going to be joining us in January. I will be e-mailing you with information about the calendars and any other club info. See, I told you I read your blog!