Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What happens when one babysits a 6 month old baby?

My crafting time has taken a back seat !!! HA I have had Hazel for 4 days now. Her babysitter has the swine flu so I am filling in. She has been doing really good with me but she sure takes up alot of my time. I got some new stamps today from MFT Stamps and they were totally FREE. How you might ask? I submitted 2 cards using their stamps to 2 different magazines and was published twice so I got free stamps. Here they are. I hope to find some time to play with them soon :). You can find these sets and alot of other cute stamps at their website here .

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Lesa said...

Have fun with Hazel. I know how the little ones can take up all your time. Glad she is a good baby :) Congrats on the FREE stamps!