Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The talk about colleges has started

Emily will be a senior this coming year and its hard to believe we are starting to talk and think about colleges. She has her senior schedule already picked out. She knows what classes she is taking the whole year and her guidance counselor recommended her to start taking college tours over the summer so today we took our first one at Wingate University. Its a private college in Wingate, NC which is only 40 miles from us. Its quite expensive and only has 1,500 kids but I wanted to get a "feel" for something small and see what Emily thought of it. It was very nice and is the 3rd college in NC that specializes in education for teaching. Emily is thinking of becoming an elementay school teacher so this would be a great place to start. They offer this fantastic international program too where in their junior year each student gets to travel (at no extra cost) to a foreign country of their choice (depending on where they are going) for 10 days. They earn a credit and its a great experience. I can see Emily loving that!! They also get to do alot of hands on student interning in their freshman year so she would know from the get go if she liked teaching. Next week we will go to University of NC in Greensboro. A much larger college with about 17,000 students so we can compare the two schools. We do that on Thursday.

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