Saturday, July 25, 2009

Looks like I never came back to tell about the college tour

Completely forgot about it ... so here I am now, 2 days later. Ha

UNCG was very nice. It was quite large, in my opinion. Charlie thought it felt "compact" but compared to Wingate University which had only 1,700 students, it felt pretty big. Now I never went to college so I have nothing to compare this to so this felt big. Our tour lasted about an hour and I felt like we walked FOREVER!! I was surprised to see about 25 students, 24 girls and 1 boy who were there for the tour. We watched a short video and then they divided us into 2 groups so it wasn't so large with all of us walking around the campus. They showed us the one cafetaria they have which freshmen get to eat unlimited meals for one price which I thought was nice. We got to go in a freshman dorm, all freshmen dorms are air conditioned. The upper classmen dorms are NOT but are larger. They also, like Wingate, have a great teaching program and by the time the students graduate, they will have had 1,000 hours in schools in clinical settings so she will have lots of experience before she actually teaches. If this is what she decides she wants to be. Can you see little Emily teaching? :) Aw, I think she will make a cute little teacher. Emily thinks this school is too big and isn't sure she likes it. Now she is saying she prefers Wingate so we'll see. We have PLENTY of time to decide and I am glad we are doing all this research now.

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