Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yesterday I took a Copic marker class at Stampers Alley

We learned how to blend with Copic markers, how to use our colorless blender to move the color, how to fix a mistake with the colorless blender by moving the color back into the lines.... It was a great class and Debbie is a great teacher!! When I got home I decided to try it on my own and this is my before and after using the blending technique. I still need to practice ALOT MORE but I do think I'm starting to get the hang of it.
This is what we did. First I colored the dog with my light brown marker. Color the whole dog. Then I took my dark brown marker and colored around the lines. Then I took my light brown marker and tried to pull the dark brown marker colors into the light brown to blend the colors. I did the same with the flowers and the butterfly although the butterfly to me just looks like one deep shade of yellow. When blending you want to get colors that are in the same color family. Like I used E33 Sand and E37 Sepia. The smaller the number, the lighter the color of the marker. Plus, it takes lots and lots of practice!!


susan said...

Hehehe! I told you it was a lot of work! Have fun practicing!

Jackie said...

It looks good - glad you had fun! Are you going to the certification in Durham?

Lindsay M. said...

I have that stamp!! I just love it!! Sooo cute!!!
I am still learning with the Copics as well, and I love them!!
Great job!!