Saturday, December 20, 2008

Accupuncture - who has tried it?

I've had back problems since I was about 18 or so. I "threw it out" at the beginning of the week and I have been going to a chiropractor. He worked wonders on me the first 2 times I saw him. I was feeling much better. Yesterday I went and I told him I was having some numbness in my left hand and left foot so he asked me if I was afraid of needles. I said no. So he said I am going to put in 4 needles and you will take them out in 2 days. I freaked out thinking I was going to be walking around with these LONG needles sticking out of my body but these are teeny tiny and they are covered by teeny tiny bandaids. Here's what they look like as I know you are curious now. (Click on each photo to see it bigger)

I have a 4th one up near my neck but you get the picture. Its hard to tell if they are working yet as I am still having some numbness, just not as frequent. I will take them out tomorrow.

Are you ready for Christmas? I am officially done with all my shopping. I'm ready to start on next year's Christmas cards now. LOL See that's what I do, I start in January so I am ahead of the game.

Have a great weekend and I hope you aren't too stressed over the holidays.

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Anonymous said...

No comments yet?? I have never tried accupuncture but I wouldn't be against it. I don't have any ailments at the moment that I need worked on. Does it work on kidneys? Will it make my original kidneys work again? If it did, I would make the appointment now. Good luck!