Sunday, October 26, 2008

Is it really time to order the class ring?

Emily is a junior this year so its time to order her class ring. This is what she chose. She got to design it completely by herself. She doesn't like her birth stone which is June so she chose pink (for October). I think it came out really nice. She will order it at school on Tuesday. If you would like to see what she chose, go to this website or here is the website too ...

We're getting ready for homecoming tomorrow night. The kids have a no school day tomorrow for a teacher work day so the game is at 7:00.

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Sharon said...

Good luck at the game. Our season is over and they made it to the playoffs, the 1st playoff game is Tuesday night. It is snowing right now...October, I can't believe it. Anyway, as you know Christopher is a sophomore and they order their class rings this week. I wish they would wait until Jr year, he isn't even done growing yet, probably won't fit next year LOL. Guess we better order it bigger.