Thursday, August 28, 2008

All of that water is completely gone from yesterday's photos

that I took ... so that's a relief. I was shocked to watch our news last night and how many had been effected in Cabarrus County (where we live). We noticed a ton of water in one of our empty garbage cans so we measured how much water we had in there and it was 15" and that was over a day and 1/2. That is a TON of rain!!! There were some shots of some houses had water up to their roof tops!! The creeks had overflowed that much that fast. I just could not believe it. They managed to get out in time thank goodness and now are in shelters. Nicholas came home today telling stories of some kids in his classes who had some flooding in their basements that went all the way up to their ceilings. Some teachers hadn't seen this kind of flooding in 30+ years. Too close to home!!!

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K Hutchinson said...

It is so sad when this type of flooding goes on! Praying that everyone stays safe!