Monday, May 5, 2008

School projects ...

here is one Nicholas worked on this weekend. He had to build a castle that was no larger or wider than 9". He could not use legos or food. He had to add 8-10 things to it for a good grade. He had to add a moat, tower, holes in the tower, murder holes, drawbridge, portcullis, arrow loops, postern gate, battlements, and a bailey. I didn't even know what half of these things were till I read the directions. LOL It came out good don't you think? I hope he gets a A+!

Castle from the outside

Inside of the castle. Notice all the little extras he added?


Anonymous said...

The castle looks great Nicholas. If only I could add a moat around my office. That would make going to work much more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

hey that loooks great!!!
let us know what grade he gets, it better be a good one!

K Hutchinson said...

WOW what a cool castles! Nicholas did a wonderful job on it! Hope he gets a good grade!