Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Today is Easter and when you have 2 teenagers its hard to know 1) do you still get them an Easter basket filled with "stuff" and 2) will they still want to go on an Easter egg hunt at this age? Well, the answer to both questions is YES. Now at first, Emily was saying she was not going on an Easter egg hunt but once Charlie said he had hid a $20 bill in an egg all of a sudden she decided "hey I will hunt for eggs now". lol Nicholas ended up finding the egg within the first 5 minutes. Charlie thought for sure he hid it so good, he would have to give them hints. Nah!! Didn't work like that. LOL So now Nicholas is 20 bucks richer and he's thrilled :). Its just us this year so I am making a ham, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, rolls and strawberries with pound cake for dessert. I woke up feeling much better (thank goodness) so I will be able to eat what I fix :). Here is a photo of the extra hidden easter egg. Also, you will see a couple of photos that show my little sprouts are starting to pop up. One is cantelope and the other is carrots. Its only been 3 days!!

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BeckyButtshaw said...

I love egg hunts! I am so jealous that your weather is nice enough to go outside! I wanted Gavin to be have one outside too, but it was just too cold. Of course today was beautiful. :)