Thursday, March 13, 2008

Emily is taking sewing this semester.

So far she has made a pillow and this awesome tote bag. Is this not the CUTEST tote bag ever!??!?! Next she will make a cosmetic bag and she has had a few requests from friends wanting her to make them a pillow. We went to HL tonight and picked out some really cute fabric.


Seniors at Risque said...

That is the cutest tote bag ever! How clever is Emily. Must take after her Mom.

thimbles bobbins paper and ink said...

Oh how cute! I love her fabric choice! They sure make a lot more fun and practical things in sewing than when I was in high school. And their machines do lovely embroidery stitches too. How fun!

Jennifer :)

Nina Grann said...

Hi lovely spring photos and cards.

Lesa said...

Adorable bag - love the pink with black polka dots! Go Emily! :)