Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I am back and what a fun time I had down in Florida with all my "girlfriends"

They sure kept me busy but that is exactly what I needed. It is about a 10 hour drive from Concord to Hobe Sound. It wasn't that bad!! I think all I did was EAT out 50 meals a day but it was still fun!!! LOL After I got in on Saturday afternoon, I went down to Kathy's house down the street where a few gals were out lying by the pool in their bikinis (not me!!) drinking margaritas. A couple of us went to a brand new mexican restaurant in Hobe Sound and that was real good. Sunday morning Jan and I walked 4 miles, down to the elementary school and back. Yes I was sore the next day but it felt great to walk that far!! Took us about an hour. Lunch I met up with Gerry at Barebones and we got our favorite She-Crab Soup and Barebones Salad. After there we went to downtown Stuart where they were having their annual arts & crafts festival. I bought Tudi the CUTEST PINK flip flop collar and both Gerry and I got one of these Limited Edition Vera Bradley pink elephant wristlets. Isn't it cute? That night I was still full from lunch so I skipped dinner. Monday morning I met Dawn (my twin sister so everyone in Hobe Sound thinks and we look NOTHING alike!) at the bagel place. Then went to Bealls and got some capris on sale. Before I knew it, it was time for lunch (see what i mean? All I did was EAT!). I met Kathy and Jan at the Food Shack for a great spinach/shrimp salad. I ran down to Stuart and went by Betsy's work so I could give her some fresh tomatoes from my garden. Betsy and I both had gymnasts a LONG time ago :). Dinner I went back to Dawn's and she cooked dinner so I ate with them and helped her set up her very own blog (which I have forgotten the name of it already!) and then we went to Stein Mart to look around and got some desserts to go at Too Jay's. They have the BEST desserts!! Tuesday morning I met up with Sherie D for scones then hung out at her house for a few hours. Again, it seemed like it was time for lunch ... ha ha I met my friend Caryn at the Thai Lotus restaurant for my favorite sweet & sour soup with 2 spring rolls. Mmmmmmm!!! Went back to the house and Carol and Jan came over (neighbors on the street) for a little visit. Again, it was time to eat again (think I gained any weight on this trip? LOL) and I met Sherri A at a new place in Tequesta called Grassy Flats. I had a grouper ruben sandwich. Again, YUMMY!!! I woke up this morning at 4 am wide awake so I decided I may as well get going so i got the car packed up and ready to go by 5 am and headed back. I pulled in the driveway at 3 pm. Not bad!! I had a fabulous time!!! It just went by too fast :(.


Anonymous said...

sounds like your days were very full (and that your stomach was never
spending time with so many old friends would have been just the thing to give you a lift. Now bring your perky self back to the Shack- We've missed you!

Swamp Tulip said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. I hope you have some time to rest up now that your are home :) We did miss you :)


shuggy said...

glad you had a good time!

Lesa said...

So nice to read about your time with the gals and FOOD! LOL Glad you're back home safe & sound. Love the bag.