Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Woke up to another morning of frost on the ground. This is pretty unusual this early in the season!!! It was 31 degrees this morning but warming up to a nice 70 degrees so that will be great. The kids still do not know what they are doing for Halloween. Emily had the nerve to ask me if I would take her to the store to get her a mask. On Halloween? Does she think there is anything left? We'll see what tonight brings. I am off to buy a bag of candy now. DH is worried we may actually get a trick or treater or two and I have no candy in the house! Last year we didn't get any so I don't know why he thinks this year we will. LOL Men!!


Anonymous said...

Emily waited til the last minute just like her cousins. I'm taking Nathan and Cosmo shopping today for their costumes. Can't wait to see what they get or what they have.

Sharon said...

Christopher went upstairs to the bag of stuff going to goodwill 10 minutes before it was time to go trick or treating. He pulled out an old summer bathrobe of mine and a long multicolored skirt and put that on over top of his jeans and sweatshirt and said he was a gypsy wearing a skateboard beanie and gloves as it was about 38 degrees out.

Oh and I bought three bags of candy that I know my household likes just in case we got that one lone trick or treater but we didn't get any as usual.

Christopher came home with enough candy to last a long time. Hope Emily and Nicholas found something.