Monday, August 13, 2007

Did you see my DNA Visual "thing" in the upper right hand corner?

I copied it from my friend Lesa's blog. She did it and after I looked at hers, i thought that is so neat, I need to make my own so I did. It tells a little more about me that maybe you don't already know :).

Another hot day here in the Carolinas. It got up to 96 today, going to be 97 tomorrow ... whew, why is it so hot? And we still need rain. We need LOTS AND LOTS of rain.... but none is in sight.

Tudi is still doing great. We are calling her by her name, it has grown on all of us. I call her Tudi Fruity. LOL When she wakes up in the morning, I go to her crate and let her out .... watch out, she comes barrelling out like a tornado as fast as she can hopping in the air ... she is so excited to see me... she shakes the whole house, its a good thing she's small !! ha ha She still follows me around all thru the house.

Had my annual mammogram this morning at 8 am. It is nice to get it done early - I was in and out in 7 minutes. I get my results in about a week so let's hope all is good there.

Charlie's mom is here from VA for a few days but we're just hanging out here.

That's all my news which isn't much ... ;)

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