Friday, August 10, 2007

Back from whirlwind trip to Orlando ....

We left Sunday, drove 8 hours to Orlando. It was close to 100 degrees everyday with way too many people at both Universal and Islands of Adventure so we drove back Wednesday. We did have a good time despite the heat but if it had been about 20 degrees cooler, it would've been so much better!! Oh well ... note to self - no theme parks in the month of August in Florida.

We pick up our new addition to our family today. She is a 15 month old English Springer Spaniel named Tudi - its short for "attitude". She was in the paper for sale, I called about her. She is crate trained, potty trained, obedience trained and so we all went and looked at her the day before we went to Orlando. She is so sweet and loving and very very tiny for her age. They have other Springers they "show" regularly and this one is always left behind because she is too tiny to qualify so they decided to sell her. We all want to rename her and are having a hard time coming up with a single name we all like. At the moment, it may be "Libby" but I want to see what she looks like when we pick her up. I wonder how Ladybug will do when she sees her in "her" house. I just hope they get along great!!!
Marie, my MIL is coming on Saturday for a few days so I will have a busy few days ahead of me. That's all for now ... Here is a photo of Tudi aka Libby when we met her. (In this photo, she looks alot like Ladybug but she is actually liver and white where Ladybug is black/white/tan (tri-color). They also come from the same Hillcrest family from many years ago which I find is pretty amazing that they come from the same blood line!!!


Anonymous said...

Ah, I'm a new grandma again.What a cute puppy.

2 Worlds said...

She is cute !!