Saturday, April 7, 2007

Someone sent me a link to these adorable otters

they are actually holding hands in this video. I have no idea where this was taken but they are so cute. You may have to turn down the volume on my radio so you can hear them ooooh and aaaah over these cute guys :).

I can't believe how cold it is here today. Its only about 40 degrees and getting down to 19 degrees tonight. The record for Charlotte is 30 degrees for this time in April so we'll definitely break that!! The kids want to search for Easter eggs in the morning but I am betting we'll have the Easter egg hunt INDOORS. oh well.

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Sharon said...

I am only seeing half of anything that you put on the right side of the screen, could only see half of the otter show. Is anyone else having that trouble? Otters are cute tho, i went to I clicked on the video to go to to see the full size of the video.